Our Team

We are a small yet effective team focusing on providing great value for our customers by offering the following services:

  • Advanced training for professional drivers (GWB),
  • Responsibilities of an external hazardous material officer or security adviser according to ADR, RID and IATA/ICAO (TGG),
  • Consulting in the areas of transport, transport safety/fastening, vehicles and customs formalities (TZB) and
  • the worries and problems of our international customers (ICS)

We advise, train companies and private individuals focusing on topics like packaging, shipping, transport, customs law, declaration of goods, many types of hazardous material and driving motor vehicles or trailers.
You will find our latest offers with training programms here which includes additional information concerning transport issues. 

Please choose your area of interest:

Advanced training for professional drivers

Transport of hazardous materials

Consulting in transport and customs

International client support

Our Team
Camillo Bernardi
Lecturer and security advisor
International Client Support
Anij Tala & Stella Aicha BERNARDI
Design & inspiration
Customs agent & transport advisor

At an information event of the WKO that corresponded to our moto.

“Focus on the Person”